Une sortie théâtre en anglais avec les terminales générales et premières LLCE


Moby-Dick is a novel by Herman Melville pubished in 1851. This story deals a man named Ismaël who embarked on the Pequod, a whaler, with captain Ahab, in order to hunt whales. He soon realizes that the ship is not only hunting to supply the whale market—Ahab is looking for Moby Dick, a particularly ferocious white sperm whale of impressive size, who once bit off his leg. The captain wants revenge…


‘I have never seen a theatre before’ – Valentino

‘I was surprised because I didn’t expect that with puppets and noise’ – Léa

‘The special effects were quite realistic’ – Maram

‘The show was a little bit scary because it talks about death’ – Marie


The whale hunters are travelling through oceans that are territories. Plus, the captain and his crew all have in memory the accident and the white whale tht they are searching to have revenge.

Scenography: The concept of the play was really original, there were actors but also puppets. The whole room was in the dark, and the main set represented the inside of the Pequod, a boat. The scene was separated into two floors, each one represented a different place. The puppets were human sized and very realistic.  YB

At first, I thought that the actors were real.  But they weren’t, they were puppets! RN

Ahab is shown as a domineering presence in the play because we always see him higher up than the other characters, thus clearly depicting his status as master of his ship & crew. AGZB

Music & lighting: The lighting focused on specific elements so we could see only these elements, for example, we were in the dark and on stage, people were wearing entirely black clothes and holding items that were meant for us to be seeen. This created a really realistic effect. We believe the lighting played an important role in making the play immersive.  CLF & BeSS

Costumes: During the play, the puppets were carried by the actors who wore black clothes. We didn’t see these people because the room was dark.  IB & EL

© Photos : Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Going out at sea with Moby Dick